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7 Reasons Why you are having a Hard Time Trying to Quit Smoking

If you are one of the millions of people in the world addicted to cigarette smoking, you know very well that you are seriously risking your health with each puff you take of your favorite tobacco brand. It is not meant to scare you but it is something scientists and health experts have figured out a long time ago.

Right from the start, tobacco smokers were warned of its adverse effects to the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. And with modern technology and wide leaps in medical science advancements over a few decades, it has been established that cigarette smoking causes damage to virtually all major organs of the body. It’s not meant to frighten you either. It’s just facts. But if you are starting to think that the chest pains you’re experiencing lately may not be from the weekend buffet you go religiously then maybe you are starting to realize that perhaps it’s time to quit smoking.

All the dangers of smoking are well chronicled and are even part of the stuff they teach in schools. Even kids know that a stick of cigarette decreases your chance at living longer. If this is the case, then the number of smokers in the world should be dropping fast. But judging from market sales of tobacco, it is hardly the case. There must be an explanation for this.

Here are seven reasons why find it hard to stop smoking:

  1. Nicotine is a very addictive substance. Aside from this fact, it is also really tough to get out of the system. It takes years for damaged organs like the lungs to recover from the damage done by smoking.


  1. You can’t quit smoking because you can’t control the urge or the craving for it. Nicotine is considered a stimulant and the human body reacts positively to substances like them. You get that high every time you inhale that cool menthol smoke. It’s the same as drinking coffee which is why many smokers are also into caffeine – the substance that makes coffee so good to drink.


  1.  One of the many reasons why you can’t give up smoking is because everybody around you probably does too. And even those who don’t smoke don’t really mind that you do. Maybe they’re not aware of the dangers of second hand smoke – which is the same as being a smoker themselves.   


  1. Having too much time and nothing to do probably lead you to experiment on smoking. You now have trouble trying to quit smoking because it’s been programmed into your brain. Think about it. Don’t you wonder why you always reach out for that pack and lighter the moment you wake up? A busy mind has no time to think of unnecessary stuff like smoking or other bad vices.


  1. You can’t stop smoking as long as your favorite action star in the movies continue to appear in tobacco commercials which somehow makes him look even cooler in your eyes. Taking something harmful like smoking and making it look good appeals greatly too many people – making them want to mimic the act.


  1. You are not sick yet. Statistics show that more smokers tend to quit when they’ve experienced firsthand what doctors say about dangers of smoking.


  1. You’re family is not sick yet. This is very unfortunate. Oftentimes, people don’t realize the dangers they expose their loved ones to by smoking in their presence – until it is too late and someone gets sick.


These reasons may or may not hold true to your situation but they do happen. If you want to give up smoking, there’s always a chance to do it and it’s never too late. The question now is can you do it?

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