hypnosis is good

About Hypnosis

Our understanding of hypnosis has advanced a great deal in the past century, but the phenomenon is still a mystery of sorts.

Hypnosis is natural state of selective, focused attention and even though it is completely natural and normal, it remains one of the most fascinating phenomena of the human mind. Hypnosis is known by different names in different cultures and times. It has been recognized for hypnosis is goodthousands of years and used for many purposes. It is a state of consciousness in which one can naturally enter so that beneficial suggestions may be given to your subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote accelerated human change. With hypnosis, we can create desired changes in behavior and encourage mental and physical well being. It is an effective way of making contact with our inner (unconscious) self which is a reservoir of unrecognized potential and knowledge.

As long as there have been human beings, there has been hypnosis. Hypnosis is experienced by everyone, whether by accident or intentionally.

It is the state of consciousness you enter and exit throughout your day to day experiences; it feels very much like day dreaming i.e. the mind state between sleeping and waking.

In the clinical setting hypnosis is usually accompanied by a pleasant state of physical relaxation which in itself is beneficial, especially in the symptoms induced by or aggravated by stress.

Hypnosis is considered to be a “state of selective thinking” whereby you are in control and can choose to experience only what is relevant to the task at hand. It has also been described as guided concentration; a state of heightened suggestibility (alpha state) in which your brain wave vibrations slow and allow you access to the subconscious mind. Thus brain goes through various states from time to time. It passes through various levels of consciousness and wave states. This makes you to feel sometimes tired, sleepy, and enthusiastically awake. Every mood has a corresponding change in body and brain.

Hypnosis is a completely safe and naturally relaxed state that we enter everyday when waking and going to sleep. We also enter hypnosis at other times for example when daydreaming or while we are watching television in fact any activity that requires us to focus can lead us to hypnosis.

The best way to understand what hypnosis is, to experience it. There are many ways to do this. You can learn how to do self hypnosis, hire a hypnotherapist, or buy a hypnosis audio session. Once you have experienced it for yourself, you will understand what it is all about. You will feel it and understand it. The wild and mystical   stories you may have read for many years will start to seem ridiculous and inaccurate. You will realize that most of the hype surrounding hypnosis is not true in reality. However you may have difficulty explaining to someone else exactly what it is.

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