Stop Your Smoking Addiction

Addiction Hypnosis – How to Quit Smoking For Good?

Stop Your Smoking Addiction

Addiction hypnosis and NLP make a powerful combination for any one aiming to quit smoking. While picking up smoking is easy, kicking the habit takes a lot of will power and motivation. More often than not regular smokers end up sneaking too many last puffs, whenever they make an attempt to quit smoking cigarettes.

If you too have made far too many unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking, chances are the problem lies in your thoughts and desire to quit! Of all the ways to quit smoking, hypnotherapy is the one of the most effective method since it addresses the deep-rooted causes of one’s addiction.

Addiction hypnosis works best because it provides a holistic solution to a smoking addiction. It helps in removing the subconscious triggers of smoking. For instance, if you have a habit of lighting up a cigarette whenever you are stressed, then NLP and hypnosis can help you alter your reaction to stress (the trigger here).

There are two sides to smoking addiction. One side is the physiological addiction and the other is the psychological addiction. The former is a more physical manifestation of one’s addiction that results in that all-too familiar itch to smoke a cigarette. When you are initially attempting to quit smoking, it is your physiological addiction to nicotine that makes it the hardest to let go. However, experts believe that this itch lasts only as long as a week by which time your body has rid itself completely from nicotine. After this stage, technically your body is free from nicotine-addiction. But the devil that is your psychological addiction now steps in to wreak havoc on your mind. Your mind is in a constant swarm and just aches for that one puff of pleasure.

Your mental and emotional states are the key drivers of your smoking addiction. When you subject your mind to continual experiences, over time it comes to associate certain habits with those experiences. In other words, your body conditions your mind to conduct a certain behavior when given a particular stimulation. So, if you have been used to taking a puff before going to bed, then your mind will not let you sleep until you have had that cigarette. This is where Addiction hypnosis comes into play. Stop smoking hypnosis and NLP reorient your mind so as to disassociate some behaviors with certain habits.  With stop smoking hypnosis, you will no longer feel the need to light up a cigarette before going to bed, instead mind will be at peace and you may even fall asleep sooner.

Hypnosis helps to eradicate the linkage between smoking and de-stressing. Addiction hypnosis helps to reprogram your mind and replace stressful thoughts with calming ones. So, what triggers previously induced stress and subsequently your need for a cigarette, would now lead to tranquility instead and hence eliminate your need for cigarettes.

Quitting smoking may take some effort, but as you start feeling healthier, develop a better sense of taste and smell and finally get to breathe easy, you will realize that the effort is well worth it!

Addiction hypnosis and NLP train your mind to focus on the benefits of quitting so much so that you eventually lose the urge to light up.  It is a step-by step procedure that works to eliminate your cravings at every level – physical, mental, and emotional. By addressing each of these aspects to your addiction, you can be sure that your body will never again crave for a cigarette!


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