smoking are you too late

Are you too late?

Have you been smoking cigarettes for years? Do you feel that quitting now won’t make much of a difference? Do you think you have already ruined your health with your habitual smoking? If yes, think again! No matter at what age or stage you decide to quit smoking, your health will improve!

Smoking Damage Can Repair

Smoking cigarettes makes the body vulnerable to many diseases, even more so as we start ageing. Quitting the habit is directly proportional to a decline in the risk of falling prey to disease like cancer, lung infection, cardiac ailments, and so on.

When you smoke cigarettes you inhale poison on a daily basis.  The fist advantage of quitting thus is that the body’s daily dose of poison is curtailed, this means your body will able to flush out the toxins more successfully.

Quitting smoking also improves lung function, even in people who already suffering from lung diseases. So, no matter how soon or late you quit, when you do, your lung health will improve.

Smoking cigarettes drains out the body’s energy and leads to a drastic fall in physical stamina. When you quit, you will definitely see an improvement in your energy levels.

You have bad breath, your teeth are yellow and you are suffering from a gum disease. Now you may wonder, what good will quitting cigarettes do now? The truth is- a lot! Look at this way, if you are suffering from a cold, you give up on drinking icy cold water or drinks, right? Why? Because you don’t want your cold to get worse! Similarly, when you are suffering from poor oral health, continuing with cigarettes will only make the problem worse, quitting on the other hand will help you recover faster.

If you have already clogged your arteries by smoking for years, you’d better stop before your heart does! Yes, no matter how bad your heart’s health is, quitting cigarettes will only improve your condition.

If skin has already become sallow and your lips have gone black, you may think, ‘why give up now, I am already suffering from the side effects!’ The fact that you are discounting is that if you quit your skin can actually become better. True, it may not regain its former glow, but you will definitely look better and younger!

You may have spent half your life looking for stress relief in cigarettes, but ask yourself have you really found it? If yes, then why do you feel restless, when you can’t smoke? Why do you get stressed once the effect of nicotine wears off? The fact is the cigarettes really do not provide stress relief, but only add to our stress levels in the long run. So, if you really want to lead a less stress-free life, quitting cigarettes is a better option than continuing to light those cancer sticks.

Dependence on any substance makes us physically and mentally weak, getting rid of any addiction is therefore an experience that offers immense freedom.

In fact the older you are the better it is to quit smoking. Post the age of 50 people tend to get out of breath sooner and smoking only makes the problem worse. Therefore, quitting if you are over 50 will only do you good.

At the end of the day quitting smoking is like ridding oneself of a bad habit. So, no matter at what age or stage you quit, you will benefit from it.


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