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Benefits of meditation on Mind

Meditation is a science. It is an applied science. Meditation is a systematized collection of laws applied to bring about a definite output. It follows the laws of psychology. These laws of psychology are applicable to the unfolding of the whole consciousness of a man.  This rational application of the laws of unfolding consciousness acts exactly on the same principles that you see applied around you every day in other departments of science.

Meditation helps magically in resolving fears and phobias. It improves your self confidence. It also helps in reducing restless thinking along with tendencies to worry. Meditation enhances serotonin level which balances your behavior and mood. It keeps control on your irritating thoughts. All this leads in improving your overall concentration and focus. This automatically enhances your creativity. Meditation also enhances coherence in brain waves. It improves your memory as well as learning ability.

Meditation improves your emotional stability by enhancing the feelings of rejuvenation and vitality. This leads to improve your all types of benefits of meditationrelationships automatically. All the relationships at office, home, social etc starts improving dramatically. It keeps your body along with your mind young for long time. This enhances your tolerance level. It also helps to increase your sense of responsibility.

Meditation helps you to get rid of bad habits and addictions. It enhances your performance and productivity by increasing your intuition power. It elevates your character by improving your will power.

Meditation helps in quitting addiction like smoking or alcohol. It eliminates overall dependency on medicines. It also helps to cure insomnia by reducing time to fall asleep.  It actually provides more rest in short sleep.

Meditation allows both the brain hemispheres to communicate and balance each other easily. It improves your ability to solve complicated issues easily. You can react to any stressful problems effectively due to improvement in perceptual ability and higher intelligence growth. It leads to a stable and balanced personality by improving emotional maturity. It also decreases chances of potential mental illness.

Meditation widens your views and helps to forget small issues. This helps you to see a wider and larger picture about the situation. It improves your satisfaction level. It also enhances the intimacy with loved ones. It also helps to improve your empathy and listening skills.  This leads to become more constructive and considered person.

The human mind is subject to certain weaknesses which are universal. For instance wrong notions of the external world, wrong notions of oneself, longing and attachment for sensory objects and affections, like and hatred for objects and persons, and the love of life are some defects of the mind that must be removed. Meditation and introspection eradicate these mental flaws.

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