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Best Quit Smoking Tips

Are you looking for some effective and practical quit smoking tips? Well, then you are in the right place! The following is list of some of the best strategies that can make it easier for you to stop smoking-

Keep yourself motivated! Yes, it is easier said that done, but if you start looking at smoking with a ‘can-do’ spirit it won’t be too difficult. Whenever you find the going getting tough for you, think back and make a list of all the things you have done successfully. This list will give you the confidence to continue with your quit smoking program.

List all your reasons for quitting including the health benefits of giving up smoking.  Put up this list in a place where you can see it everyday.

Set a date by which you want to quit smoking. Unless, you have a target, it won’t be possible for you stay motivated to quit

Do not set unachievable targets for yourself. For example, if you smoke a pack a day, it won’t be possible for you to stop smoking completely overnight. Reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day gradually, therefore, would be a more practical quitting program for you.

Reward yourself when you achieve a target or goal to keep yourself motivated. Incentives after all are a great way to keep yourself on track!

Healthy lifestyle choices that complement quitting smoking can also help you stay away from cigarettes for good. So, add at least half an hour of physical exercise to your daily routine. Physical work out promotes a sense of overall well being and health, smoking on the other hand plays havoc with our stamina. Combining physical exercise with your quit smoking program will therefore make it more effective.

Developing a healthy habit to distract yourself from those cravings to smoke is also a good idea.  For example, you can keep some raw crunchy vegetables like carrot sticks handy, to munch on when you feel like smoking.  Drinking a glass of water also helps.

Having a glass of orange juice everyday can help you make your quit smoking program more effective as well. For one, it helps in making up for the Vitamin C deficiency caused by smoking. Second, liquids also help in flushing out toxins from the body.

Practicing deep breathing every time the urge to smoke becomes too strong to ignore is also a good idea.

Avoid situations in which you are likely to get bored as that can push you to light up a cigarette. Develop new interests or use your free time to do something that you genuinely enjoy, such as reading, playing a sport, gaming, watching movies, etc.

EditGive up your smoking accompaniments as well! For example, if you had fallen into the habit of smoking while drinking your evening cup of coffee, you must give that up too, at least for a while.

Find a support group or at least a support friend who is sailing in the same boat as you.  Talking to someone who is as committed to quitting as you are and is facing similar challenges will help you in sticking to your stop smoking program.

If you are still struggling with quitting, have a glass of milk before you light up. Milk is believed to make the taste of cigarettes bitter, thus making the experience of smoking cigarettes very dissatisfying. Doing this regularly will put you off cigarettes and will thus make quitting easier.

Quitting cigarettes is as difficult as you make it. With the right techniques, you will be able to stub that cigarette butt for good with relative ease.


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