Can Hypnosis Help Me Quit Smoking?

In a word – yes – hypnosis can absolutely help you to quit smoking.

Hypnosis is actually incredibly simple.  Your subconscious mind is always alert and active, even though you may be totally unaware of it.  It is generally thought that it takes in every detail, this information is run through your subconscious filters, which are basically your beliefs or programs about how you view and accept life.  Some information is accepted, if it fits in with your view of the world, some information rejected and sometimes new information is taken on board which subtly alters your beliefs and viewpoints and therefore your filters.

With hypnosis, you are in a relaxed state, and so your subconscious is open to suggestions.  While you are in this state, subtle, yet powerful suggestions are made to your subconscious to change the way, in this case, in which you view the habit of smoking. Your subconscious is in effect being re educated to realise that smoking is a very bad thing for you to engage in, it is not safe and can be devastating to your health.  At the same time suggestions are put in place to enhance your feelings of well being, when you are not smoking. This way you will want to remain a non smoker because not smoking makes you feel good.

In the right hands hypnosis can be an easy and hugely effective tool to allow you to break the habit of smoking once and for all.

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