smoking can do bad things

Dangers of smoking

smoking health risks

Tobacco is a vicious killer in ship’s clothing because from heart disease and the many forms of cancer to the lung diseases that steal your ability to breathe. Learning how to cope with the ups and downs of life without a cigarette is difficult when you first quit smoking but with a few tools in hypnosis and some practice, you can overcome the obstacles.

Inhale cigarette smoke leaves toxic deposits in your lungs and the other organs, impairing a function and poisoning your health. It has observed worldwide that the most of people start the smoking before the age of eighteen. A smoking also suppresses your appetite and you tend to keep the weight off very fast.  Smoking related diseases are snatching your beloved near and dear ones away from you at an alarming rate.

There are various diseases which we can come across due to smoking. Such as Heart disease, Stroke, Lung Cancer, Oral cancer, COPD (which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema). Once you delve into the facts and figures about how destructive tobacco is you will learn what risk is there when you lit up.

As smokers, you thought you needed your cigarettes to calm you. The truth is, however, that smoking creates more stress than it ever dispelled.  One important thing to be remembered that the discomforts you experience as you heal from nicotine addiction are all temporary, but freedom you are working to achieve is for a lifetime.

The reproductive system in women gets adversely affected due to smoking.  Many female smokers experience irregular periods and earlier menopause.  Fertility get compromised and the risk of cervical cancer increases.

Cigarette smoking is like a loaded gun that can go off anytime without warning. It is most often a slow killer, wearing you down over many years of habit, but not always. It has known to steal the young and novice smoker as well.  Looking closely at the damage smoking causes is an important step in the recovery process from nicotine addiction

If the mother smokes, the risks to an unborn child are even more serious. Miscarriage is     very common in women who smoke. Smoking mother’s Infants are at increased risk of prematurity, low weight and infections.

Toxic harmful chemical compounds get released through the ingredients and addictive in cigarettes when burned. These chemicals which number 4000 or more contains poisons and carcinogens that damage your bodies when inhaled directly or indirectly through secondhand smoke.

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