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Easy Stop Smoking – Top 5 Ways To quit

Easy stop smoking techniques to help you kick the habit now! As a smoker there is a part of you that knows you should and have to quit this habit that is slowly but surely harming your health and poisoning your body and appearance. So, here are the top five easy stop smoking techniques that can get you started:


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  1. The best and most successful way of quitting smoking, or any other tobacco related addiction, is quitting ‘cold turkey’. Quit entirely one day and though it will feel tough take one day at a time and don’t give into the desire for that ‘one smoke’ or ‘one puff’. It will be important to keep yourself occupied as far as possible and you might need alternatives like chewing gums or mints to satiate your oral fixation that cigarette smoking satisfied.
  2. NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be helpful in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking like depression, anxiety and irritability. NLP refers to modifying your behavioural pattern in response to external stimuli in a way that’s beneficial to you. It is believed to be a very successful Easy Stop Smoking technique. You need to program your body and mind to associate smoking and cigarettes to a negative image or feeling.  An NLP expert will make quitting cigarettes possible by helping you alter you behaviour to cigarette cravings. This means in situations that you are most likely to light up, you will be able to replace smoking cigarettes with a more positive and even constructive habit, without trying too hard.
  3. Hypnosis: Another powerful easy stop smoking method is hypnosis. Like any other self-help technique you need to consciously want to quit smoking for this to work. Hypnosis works by relaxing you while you are concentrating on a particular problem or issue; smoking in your case. Self hypnosis (you will need training for this) or hypnotherapy by a certified therapist, are the two ways you can go about this. Be patient through your sessions and don’t skip any to get the best results. Hypnosis has proved to be very successful in helping new and long-term smokers kick their habit.
  4. Nicotine Replacement: Most smokers find it difficult to quit smoking because their body craves the nicotine that cigarettes offered. Wearing nicotine patches or smoking nicotine gum can effectively help replace the nicotine that smoking delivered. Nicotine patches and chewing gum are much better as the thousands of chemicals and gases that you as a smoker were inhaling are out of the picture. Make sure you are careful of the dosage of nicotine through these replacements and you will gradually need to reduce the amount you use and finally stop altogether. This easy stop smoking technique needs careful monitoring and you must seek advice from your health care provider if you are not clear on how to use nicotine replacements.
  5. Tell friends and family: When you decide to quit smoking you should tell your friends and family members. This is a good easy stop smoking method; people will help you get over the habit and be there for you when you have cravings. Avoid being with people who are smoking or being in places where you can smell cigarette smoke as this may trigger strong cravings.

Easy stop smoking techniques are simple and light on your pocket. Adopt them now to free yourself of an addiction that is harming you and those around you.





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