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Effects of smoking on your libido

So, you think (even if you admit to yourself secretly only) that smoking cigarettes is cool? But have you ever wondered how this ‘cool’ thing can rob you of all your hotness? More simply put, do you know just how badly can smoking affect your libido? And no, it doesn’t matter what your sex is, if you smoke, your performance in the bedroom is bound to take a nose dive sooner than later!

Effects of smoking on a man’s libido

When you smoke cigarettes you inhale a lot of toxic chemicals, these chemicals can lead to blockage in various arteries including the ones in the genital area. Now we all know how the flow hot blood down south causes erections, however, a blockage in the vital arteries can lead to erectile dysfunction and in the worst case scenario impotence.
Smoking cigarettes can in fact also reduces male fertility.  According to a study conducted by ‘The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’, it was found that teenagers who smoked were at a risk of becoming infertile or passing on genetic defects to their children, due to their low quality semen. Some researchers have argued that nicotine has an affect on the mobility of the male sperm as well.

Of course stained teeth and bad breath are well known libido killers. So, even if you are in the mood, chances are that your partner will be turned off by your yellowing teeth and smelly breath.

The inability to perform in bed obviously has a direct impact on one’s desire to have sex. This means smokers tend to get into a vicious cycle of low libido, they are unable to perform, so they start avoiding sex and the lesser their desire the worse it gets for them in the bedroom.

Effects of smoking on a woman’s libido

A woman’s libido too is almost as badly affected by smoking cigarettes as a man’s.  For one, smoking hampers the blood flow to the genital areas, in other words it has a direct effect on sexual arousal. When a woman is aroused it is the blood flow to her vagina that causes the chemical changes needed for lubrication. What’s worse is that not only can the lack of arousal and lubrication make sex a dissatisfying experience, but it can cause women a lot of pain, thus putting them off sex!
Women in general tend to view sex more emotionally than men do; their performance in bed is thus strongly affected by the level of emotional intimacy they share with their partner. Prolonged and habitual smoking, however, interferes with a woman’s emotional response by causing increased anxiety and agitation.
Smoking cigarettes affects a woman’s physical appearance too, bad breath, brittle hair, yellowing teeth and sallow skin, don’t mix well with self-confidence. When a woman doesn’t feel confident of her appearance it is bound to show in the bed room. What’s worse is that her fears about her bad breath and yellowed teeth may actually come true, as they can after all be major turn offs!

Just like with men, smoking cigarettes affects a woman’s fertility adversely too.  According to a paper published by the American Society of Reproductive Health* smoking harms a woman’s ovaries, accelerates the loss of eggs and even advances the menopause age. The longer a woman smokes the worse the effects are believed to be. What’s worse is that even passive smoking can cause these side effects.

So, whether a cigarette in your hand makes you feel confident and accepted or you smoke to relieve your stress and anxiety or to stay slim and attractive (as many people believe cigarettes will help them be), ask yourself is it worth all the mental and emotional turmoil that a low libido and a dissatisfying sex life will bring?


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