Ericksonian story telling

Ericksonian Story-Telling is also known as hypnotic storytelling. Milton Erickson was the great hypnotist. It is must to study the work of Dr. Milton H. Erickson if you want to master in communicating, influencing others and persuasion skills. Hypnotic storytelling is considered as ericksonian most powerful technique derived by Erickson. Through hypnotic storytelling and metaphor he was able to weave realities in such a powerful and profound way that any form of doubt, objection or resistance would fall away and people would be irresistibly motivated to do what he suggests.

The important thing you want to be aware of while installing emotional triggers in stories that you are triggering the right emotion that you want.  For instance if you want your listener to be excited then tell them a story that make them excited and not relaxing or calming one. In case of anxiety, you can choose a story that will bring relaxing emotion to light.  This is very important because the emotions you triggered through stories are going to have very strong influence into the unconscious mind of the listener. Because when you put a listener through an emotional ringer you are activating his unconscious to get a response.  This is a basic primal unconscious response and hence very powerful.

Some important things to be remembered in Ericksonian Story-Telling:

1.              Make suggestions simple and easy to understand

2.              Suggestions must be believable and achievable

3.              Use positive statements

4.              Try to associate the suggestions with real life

5.              Don’t clutter the suggestion with unnecessary words or phrases

6.              Use time frame when/where appropriate

7.              Repeat suggestions using different words

Once you learn this technique of hypnotic story telling then motivation will start automatically working for you. You will always have a lot of energy and vitality necessary to accomplish anything that you want to do. This all will come with passion, strength and success. This will reveal the secrets to improve your overall health, it will help you to get rid of your fears and bounce back faster in case of a loss or a traumatic event.

Hypnotic story telling is the best tool to achieve many good things in life. But one thing to be remembered that before practicing hypnotic storytelling, it is better to learn self hypnosis for better understanding of the process. It will also make you aware about how to handle the situation if anything goes wrong.

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