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Everything you have wanted to know about Electric Cigarettes

e cigarettes - are they healthy





How do electric cigarettes work?
Are they tobacco free and harmless?
Can they help me quit?
What’s the catch?

These are some of the most common questions that people have about electric cigarettes. Unfortunately, there are too many myths surrounding facts making the smokeless electric cigarette concept rather hazy to laymen. So, to clear up the air, let’s take these questions, one at a time.

How to e-cigs work?
An electric cigarette runs on battery and uses a liquid solution containing nicotine. It transmits a limited amount of the chemical in vaporized form and is therefore smokeless. These cigarettes do not contain tobacco, but may contain tobacco flavor to make them taste like real cigarettes. Users can adjust the nicotine levels according to their needs.

Are they tobacco free and harmless?
The next most obvious question is, does that fact that there is no combustion mean that these cigarettes are harmless? In all honesty, though a lot of manufacturers promote them as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. There is nothing remotely healthy about them! For one e-cigs contain nicotine, which is a poisonous substance, so much so that one drop of pure nicotine can actually kill a person! Needless to say that it has several harmful side effects.

Second, since electronic cigarettes are unregulated most people are unaware of how much nicotine they are inhaling. Depending upon the manufacturer, two to five cartridges of e-cigs contain as much nicotine as a full pack.

Having said that, it is also true that e-cigarettes pose lesser risk to ones health than traditional cigarettes. The absence of tobacco, arsenic, tar and other poisonous substances make these cigarettes relatively less lethal. This means no staining of hand and teeth and of course lesser risk of cancer. The fact that there is no smoke saves people around the smoker from passive smoking.

Can they help me quit smoking?
Well, though e-cigarettes are not regarded as official stop smoking aids, people who have used them do claim that they are extremely helpful as smoking cessation devices.  These cigarettes can act as a replacement for the traditional ones and reduce the withdrawal symptoms, but you have to remember to keep the end goal of quitting in mind and not get dependent on them. For electronic cigarettes to work, it is important to lower the nicotine levels gradually, till you have reached the stage when you are ready to give up smoking completely.

Of course, there are other quitting aids available in the market as well, but what makes electronic cigarettes more popular and perhaps more effective is the fact that they look, feel and taste almost like real cigarettes. So, in effect they satiate an ex-smoker’s physical as well as psychological craving for cigarettes.


What’s the catch?
The Catch? Now that’s a tricky question! Though e-cigarettes are promoted as safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes, they do not have FDA’s approval. The other problem lies in the way e-cigs are marketed. The anti-electronic cigarettes lobby believes that they are actually attracting young people to smoke.

So, taking all facts into account the only conclusion that one can draw is that though e-cigarettes are relatively less hazardous than normal cigarettes they are not exactly healthy.  It is unadvisable and even illegal for minors to use these cigarettes and that it is best to use them as quitting aids only.


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