fears and hypnosis

Fears of Hypnosis

Resistance is the unwillingness of a subject to accept the hypnotic process; usually due to an inhibition, fear of hypnosis or fear of another nature existing in the client.

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. You should try to acquire preliminary information and to what is not true about hypnosis so fears and hypnosisthat your fear about it may be allayed. You are more apt to respond successfully if you are prepared properly for hypnosis by knowing what to anticipate.

While it takes a good deal of courage for clients to seek help and to express their desires for change, sometimes they exhibit signs of resistance. Resistance is basically a manifestation of fear related to uncovering unconscious material.

Let us see in brief what unconscious fears are:

As we go through life, especially when young we are subject to powerful suggestions that are often subliminal (without conscious awareness) and as such we are not aware of those at conscious level. For example, consider the powerful effects of father or mother has on a child without awareness of father or mother. Mother says to father, in the presence of her child that she dislikes the ‘people next door’. It is sure that the child will also begin dislike the ‘people next door’ and that, without any obvious reason.

In normal circumstances the child would make up its mind about what is liked or disliked, but a suggestion from a powerful figure has been implanted in its unconscious mind. It may have been implanted an irrational dislike for anyone who is ‘neighbor’.

Your mind can do anything with your body.

Let us consider another example. A child is suffering with a chest ailment. Normally the child will recover and the illness will be forgotten. But a doctor (a powerful figure to unconscious) is whispering to the child’s mother that. The child will always have a weak chest’. It could possibly implant in the child’s mind that for rest of his life. And chest diseases like asthma appear without any obvious cause.

A psychosomatic illness is just as an actual illness and the mind can easily produce any illness that it feels is appropriate. It implies that mind can do anything with your body, make you fat, and make you thin. It can make you strong, weak, short sighted, long sighted, and bald and many other things.  You may ask any motivational speaker about the importance of mind in becoming successful. His answer will be that the mind is the most important aspect of success. Once you understand this, the mystery surrounding many illnesses will become clear.

A conscious mind, Gate keeper id off guard or asleep, suggestions can get pass through it in sub conscious mind. At this time these suggestions get through without censure. Then without awareness we do something which we may not feel right. This contributes to unconscious fear of entering into hypnosis. 

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