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Goal of hypnosis

A goal of hypnosis is to access the unconscious. This is the part of mind that lie beneath ordinary consciousness, beneath the constant Hypnosis how can it help me stop smokingbombardment of thoughts, feelings, outside stimuli and other assaults on your awareness. The unconscious mind functions at a level deeper than your usual awareness. In the unconscious mind mental processes occur without your conscious perception of those. You experience moments of intuitions, wisdom and creativity when these unconscious processes flash into your conscious awareness.

The unconscious is not limited by your imposed boundaries of logic, space and time. It can remember everything from any time. It can transmit creative solutions to your problems. It can transcend the ordinary to touch upon wisdom far beyond your everyday capabilities.

Conscious mind is like an ant and unconscious is like an elephant.  Conscious mind is director of unconscious mind. It is the programmer of the unconscious mind, which is creative and execute out the program with its tremendous energy. You can learn about how to convince the conscious mind so that it will send right and proper instructions to unconscious mind.

The source of ability to achieve anything you desire is the unconscious mind. The unconscious will accept any sustained impression or thought particularly fuelled by emotions and bring it into manifestation without doubt. It is the task of conscious mind to choose carefully which sustained impressions and thoughts the unconscious mind receives.

The unconscious mind does not need reason to make things happen. When an impression made upon it, with or without conscious awareness, it will proceed to work upon it automatically. But its effect will be soon noticeable by the conscious mind and will be interfered by it. If the conscious mind cannot accept what is happening because, it reasons against it, and then it will send a conflicting impression that will undo the task done by unconscious mind.

Thus the ‘Bible’ says that, if two of you shall agree on earth, as touching anything that they shall ask it shall be done for them of the Heavenly Father which is in heaven. ‘The two of you’ refer to conscious and unconscious minds. Before anything can be achieved, both need to be in harmony. The unconscious mind is always in harmony, never argues about anything, so it is the conscious mind that needs to be convinced.  

“We possess within us a force of incalculable power, which if we direct in a wise manner, gives us mastery of ourselves. It permits us not only to escape from physical and mental ills, but also to live in relative happiness”

(Dr Emile Coue, Exponent of the theory of autosuggestion, The Coue Method)

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