Good Habits for Sleep

If you find it hard to visualize a certain place, you can instead create an inner mantra to help you fall asleep. Try soothing phrases such as restful, peaceful, sleep or beautiful, restful, deep, sleep. Say the mantra on every exhale, focusing your attention on the meaning of the words.

Sleep like a baby with hypnosisRelaxation and hypnotic suggestion have been shown to control activity in highly localized regions of the brain, allowing you to effectively rewire your thought patterns. In hypnotic state, you reduce your stressful thoughts while you increase relaxing bedtime thoughts.

The human brain is incredibly susceptible to suggestion, and repeating an affirmative phrase can have a lasting impact on your unconscious mind.

These activities, though they sound easy, will not work overnight. The relaxation techniques can take time getting used to, so don't worry if they don't work right away. You will get better at it over time. The more you think about your relaxing place, the more realistic it will become.

After a while, you will likely find that you can fall asleep easier and sleep better every night.

You can try the same techniques if you have problems with waking up in the middle of the night. They can help you fall back asleep just as easily as they can help you fall asleep at the beginning of the night.

Here are some simple affirmations that can be used as suggestions in hypnotic state.


I can sleep whenever I choose      

Feeling rejuvenated each morning is normal for me

Falling asleep is easy 

Sleeping is the most natural thing in the world

Sleeping deeply is normal for me  

I naturally release my stress and worries at the end of each day       

Eating right and exercising helps me to sleep well   

Taking the time to sleep right will improve my life    

Relaxing quietly before bed will help me to sleep     

I always take the necessary steps to ensure a great sleep        

I take good care of myself;

I am calming myself;

I am soothing myself;

I am calming and soothing myself so that I may fall into a deep and satisfying sleep;

I am prepared to deal with my problems in the morning;

So, I can now allow myself to fall into a deep and satisfying sleep;

I now release all my upset;


Avoid consuming caffeine at the time of sleeping. Keep in mind that even decaffeinated drinks can still contain a small amount of caffeine.

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