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History of Smoking

shaman peace pipe

The history of smoking has found in shamanistic rituals around 5000 BC. The consumption, cultivation, and trading of tobacco spread after the16th century. The pace of spread was so high that till the scientific controversies that started around 1960, smoking was adapted around the globe. After two decades i.e. around 1980, the condemnation of smoking emerged.

In America the incense-burning ceremonies of shamans originated smoking. Smoking was later adopted as a social tool for pleasure. The shamans were using smoking of tobacco and various other hallucinogenic drugs to achieve trances and to come into contact with the spirit world.  Over the time the Native priests use  smoking, during rituals into such high degrees of intoxication that it was unlikely that the rituals were limited to just tobacco. Even the ancient cultures like ‘Maya’ and ‘Aztecs’ were using smoking tobacco.

Pipes were the most common form of smoking In North America. The tribes use to offer these pipes diplomatically to other tribes and then Europeans as a gesture of goodwill These pipes have known as peace pipes.  

The smoking reeds or cigars were the most common smoking tools before emergence of cigarettes. The widespread use of tobacco smoking was started around 15th century as a recreational activity. During the latter half of the 1800s, Cigarette making machines were developed. The first machine produced around 200 cigarettes within a minute. Today around nine to ten thousand cigarettes get produced within a minute.

Cheap production cigarettes in a huge quantity and the cigarette advertising allowed tobacco companies to expand their markets at large scale during this period. During 1920, adverse health effects of smoking became noticeable. In 1929, a statistical evidence of smoking and lung cancer link, published by Fritz Lickint in Germany. This report subsequently led a strong anti-smoking movement in Nazi Germany.

Soldiers returning from the war brought cigarettes and thus a link between soldiers and smoking remained. Tobacco has included in army rations during the First World War.  Soldiers were given cigarettes to smoke in order to keep them occupied during times of low morale.

During post war period after 1920, the male population hooked the tobacco manufacturers changed tactics and began to target the other side of the market. Ladies were encourage to smoke by Advertising and glamorous Hollywood films. Smoking in the trenches spawned a whole generation of nicotine addicts. In 1968 a lettuce based non-tobacco cigarette brand was released. It fails to gain support without nicotine.

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