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How to quit smoking if you love it?

So, you love smoking but still want to quit? This means you are ready to choose your health over pleasure. The problem, however, is that as long as you view smoking as a pleasure, it will be difficult for you to stop smoking for good. The first thing that you need to do, therefore, is to get over your love for smoking cigarettes. Here are a few tips that you may find useful for doing the same-

The List Method

Take a sheet of paper and divide it into two parts. Write down all the benefits of smoking on one side of the paper and jot down all the side effects on the other side.  This list is the first step towards breaking off your abusive relationship with cigarettes.

Now, take another sheet of paper, divide it into two parts again and list all your reasons for quitting on one side and for not quitting on the other. This list will hopefully help you realize that your reasons for quitting are actually better than the ones for not quitting.

Talking to the right People

Sometimes it is speaking to the right people that can bring about a huge change in your outlook. You could seek advice from someone who has been able to quit smoking successfully as well as your medical care provider.  While the former will be able to understand your challenges and give you practical advice, the latter will make you aware of the exact ‘cost’ of your guilty pleasure!

Finding Replacements

When you know you want to quit but love your cigarettes to much to let go easily, finding replacements is a good idea. These replacements can be healthy substitutes like a glass of water, crunchy vegetables to distract you from your nicotine cravings or smoking cessation aids that can act as temporary replacements till the time you are ready to quit smoking.


Making Dietary Changes

Including the right foods in your diet can also help in reducing your love for smoking. Milk and Orange juice are the two most strongly recommended food items. Drinking a glass of milk before smoking will make the cigarettes taste bitter; this will hopefully help in putting you off the dreaded cancer sticks. Orange juice, on the other hand, helps in flushing out toxins and making up for the vitamin C deficiency caused by cigarettes. As your body becomes free of toxins and you start feeling healthier, the allure of cigarettes will gradually start diminishing.


When you want to get rid of something you are fond of, start doing things that don’t compliment it! So, to get over your love for smoking, exercising regularly is a great idea. Smoking kills one’s stamina and physical exercise helps in building it. Smoking gives a temporary high, but makes the smoker feel week and restless later. Physical exercise on the hand gives people a longer lasting high and promotes a general sense of health and well being. Adding physical exercise to your daily routine is therefore an excellent way to make yourself realize just how unattractive smoking is!

Start taking note of all ‘disgusting’ things about smoking

Focus on your stale breath, yellowing teeth, stained fingers, sallow wrinkled skin and parched throat, in order to develop negative feelings towards smoking. The more attention you pay to all the ‘ugly’ aspects of cigarettes, the worse the habit of smoking cigarettes will seem.

Agreed, letting go of something that you actually like is not easy. Hopefully, the tips and suggestions stated above will help you turn your like into dislike, so that you can take off your rose tinted glasses and see smoking for what it really is!

how to stop smoking if you are ready

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