Tips to help you stick to your stop smoking resolution

How to stick to your quit smoking resolution?

Tips to help you stick to your stop smoking resolution

People take several resolutions round the year to quit smoking. The sad part is that people break several quit smoking resolutions too! Call it temptation, cravings, unmanageable withdrawal symptoms or just low motivation, but somewhere down the line the desire to smoke defeats the will not to.  So, how do you overcome this?  Well, you might find the following suggestions helpful-

Write it down
Write down your reasons for quitting cigarettes. Are they negative or positive? Are you quitting for yourself or others? What do your quitting reasons say about your attitude towards smoking cigarettes? Do you view smoking as an enjoyable indulgence or a bad habit that you wish to get rid of? This will help you figure out whether or not you are ready to quit. If you reasons for quitting are negative, i.e. you view quitting as punishment or something you have to do for others; you won’t be able to go very far in your quitting cigarettes program.  So, the first step towards stubbing those cancer sticks for good, is preparing yourself mentally.

Motivate yourself Daily
In the initial period of quitting cigarettes, battling cravings is a daily affair. So, you should work on your motivation levels daily too. This means you must give yourself a daily pep talk and remind yourself why you need to stay away from cigarettes. Put up a poster of the side effects of smoking at place it where you can see it, read motivational articles, go over the advantages of quitting in your head, in short do whatever works for you.

Identify your smoking Patterns
Identifying your smoking patterns will help you figure out the times at which you are most vulnerable to give in to your cigarettes cravings. For instance, if you started your day with a cigarette and usually light up after meals, then those are the times when you are likely feel the strongest urge to smoke cigarettes, post quitting.

Set Daily Goals
Set daily goals for yourself and re-evaluate them every week. Sometimes, in our enthusiasm to quit we may set up rather lofty goals for ourselves. However, when practicality hits we may realize that we need to bring down our expectations a little. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to re-evaluate your goals if you feel the ones you had set earlier are unachievable in your present circumstances. Remember, your ultimate goal is to quit smoking for good and as long as your daily goals are in sync with that, you are on the right track.

Make a Plan
A good plan truly is like half the battle won! So, make sure you make an easy to follow step-by-step plan to quit smoking. This should include the daily steps you need to take to stay committed to your goal, the measures or cessation aides that you may need, your incentives for quitting cigarettes and things that you plan to do daily in order to keep yourself motivated. Most importantly, your plan must include a definite date by which you hope to have stopped smoking for good.

Keep a Journal
Create a journal of your daily progress. This will help figure exactly how far you are from your goal to stop smoking and how much more effort do you need to put in.

Save and Spend
Use the money you have saved from quitting to buy something you have wanted or add it your investments. The idea is to give yourself a tangible proof of how quitting smoking is great for your wallet’s health as well!
Quitting cigarettes is as difficult as you choose to make it. Agreed, there will be cravings, but it is also true that managing those cravings is in your hands.



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