is smoking addictive

Hypnosis for addiction

Remember one thing that your subconscious is always aware, in whatever state you are. It always listen your comments, thoughts and try to bring them into reality. So instead of thinking anything (good or bad) unknowingly it is always better to keep on practicing positive affirmations. It automatically move the negative thoughts out of your mind and try to stick the thoughts (affirmations) chosen by you for youris smoking addictive betterment.

In fact more than 90% smokers are clinically addicted to smoking. Quitting smoking needs strategy, number of efforts and plenty of patience

•          Your blood circulation and lung function improve

•          You can observe decrease in cough and shortness of breath

•          The risk of coronary heart disease cut in half

The nicotine in cigarettes is not only addicting but it is a poison. There is only a small amount of poison in each cigarette Thus smoking is a slow poisoning.    Sometimes smoking causes major diseases like heart disease, cancer or emphysema. You have chosen not let this happen to you. Smoking also causes diseases like a cough or bronchitis. You have chosen to be a non-smoker.  You have decided to let go all the problems and diseases associated with smoking. You are free now. Now the urge for smoking is just fading away. You are in complete control now onwards. You will never allow yourself to get affected by the consequences of smoking anymore.

‘Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Relax completely and listen……….

Right from this moment you are a non-smoker. You have never felt better as you are feeling now.  You are going to feel better and better now onwards. This is because your lungs continue to be healthier ay by day. This is just because you have stopped inhaling the poisonous smoke of tobacco.

You can enjoy the feel good factor once you are away from all the worries and tensions. It is really nice to feel free…… Free from smoke…..Free from foul smell…… free from poisonous smoke… Completely free.

You are far away from the poison and the smell. Someone within you was there who always wanted to get rid off smoking. That real inner you have always hated smoking as it stinks and makes you ill. Now you have finally made up your mind. Now you can refuse smoking at any situation, any place or any time. When you think or something reminds you about cigarettes you will never ever do that mistake again. Never ever……”

This ‘quit smoking’ efforts not only bring health and peace in your life but it also enhances your self confidence and you understand the truth thoroughly that, ‘Nothing is impossible’!

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