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Hypnosis For Quit Smoking

Let us consider an example of getting rid of some addiction, say smoking addiction. Let us say you are addicted to it since fifteen years. It is pretty easy to make decision to quit smoking at conscious level. You can easily convince conscious mind by saying it is bad addiction and also not good for health, it may cause severe diseases which may lead to death. So you make a rational, conscious decision to quit. Done deal, Right! Your conscious mind agreed cent percent to quit this addiction. But the story never ends here, your decision keeps on breaking for this or that reason every day. Why so? Get frustrated and so more and more smoking day by day.

The problem is you have not yet convinced your unconscious mind that you really want to get rid of this addiction. So your unconscious mind carries all of your habituated behaviors for you and does so automatically. It is not enough just saying to your unconscious mind that, “I want to quit this bad habit”. Since last fifteen years you conveyed the message to your unconscious that how much you enjoy while smoking. It simply creates conflict between conscious and unconscious mind. Ultimately results in wining of unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is your emotional home and easily overrules the rational conscious mind.

Let us see what should be done to convince your unconscious mind. First try to access unconscious mind in hypnotic state i.e. alpha level. cigarettes not allowedWhen you are in Beta state your unconscious mind is multitasking; its attention is divided in various tasks, thus it is unable to give full attention what you want to convince your unconscious mind.

After achieving alpha state striking an emotional chord with your unconscious mind is extremely important. Your unconscious mind always wants to please you and try to give you what it believes you most desire. So your ‘latest’ desire of quitting smoking must trump your ‘old’ historic desire of enjoying smoking. The strong desire to live healthy and long life must strongly trump your historic desire. At the same time you must be very effective in convincing your latest desire to your unconscious mind.

This can be done very easily with the help of hypnosis. It can be done by taking therapy from hypnotherapist or if possible by self hypnosis. When you properly tap into your unlimited unconscious mind power, achieving anything you desire will become automatic process.hypn

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