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Hypnosis for Success

If you are like most folks, you made a promise to yourself to reach a goal. Perhaps it was to stop smoking, take off a few unwanted pounds, Stop Smoking Successto stop eating candy or junk food, or return to school. You may have set your goal with sheer determination. Your will to succeed may be great. But how do you get from will and determination to the actual attainment of your dream?

  • Start with a Genuine Positive Attitude.

Why do people rarely succeed at accomplishing their New Year's resolutions? Because their bodies and minds have rehearsed the old behaviors for so long, it practically takes an act of Congress to get the new behaviors through to the subconscious.

Imagine what it may have been like when you were a small child just learning to walk. If you were like most toddlers, you learned to fall in every conceivable way until, quite by accident; you kept your balance and walked across the room. Children seem to have this secret of success within their nature. Most adults have forgotten that there is no failure only feedback.

With self hypnosis you can build a genuine positive attitude. By closing your eyes and imagining a brand new, more optimistic you, you will overcome old rehearsed patterns and establish new habits that take you to your goal.

  • Generate Enthusiasm

Every time you use self hypnosis to think about the changes you are making, do so with excitement. There will never be another day like today. There is no other person quite like you. This is your day to set the world on fire. Whenever you close your eyes and dream about your future, use your mind's eye to imagine your future colorful, vibrant and clear. Let your future play out like a movie, with a score to your favorite music in the background.

Then roll your shoulders back and smile. Let people think you are getting away with something. Carry yourself as if you know the best kept secrets of the universe–because you do! You know that thoughts are more powerful than things. Thoughts create things.

  • Develop Non-Stop Energy

In a world of infinite possibility, accept nothing but the best. Energy follows thought, so think healthy, happy thoughts. Then feel the flow of emotion (energy-in-motion) moving through you. Your body's physiology has a tremendous impact on your psychology. In other words, the condition of your body impacts your mind. Here is the easiest self help hypnosis trick in the book: Roll your shoulders back, put your chin up, and smile. Now just try to feel depressed. You can't do it, can you? And to think, you didn't even have to close your eyes.

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