Hypnotic Suggestions for Phobia

You can successfully come out of your phobia with the healing touch of self hypnosis.    can hypnosis help my phobia

Drift deeper into hypnosis now as you listen carefully to the sound of my voice – because my voice can take you deeper and deeper into gentle hypnotic rest and after a little while you will find yourself being able to visualize – in your mind's eye – the things that I am suggesting to you – and as you visualize these things you will go deeper still.

And of course, if, after a while – you find your mind wandering away – that's fine – because nobody wants anything – nobody needs anything – there is absolutely nothing at all for you to do but relax – and let go – so – just relax – and let go.  For a long time now you have been experiencing a problem which you have found embarrassing and difficult to control – and that problem – is blushing -but now you have decided to use your own mind power – your wonderful subconscious mind – to gain control over this – and gain control you will -because your subconscious mind is the part of you which caused you to redden and flush – as it governs the autonomic nervous system – just as it controls your breathing and heartbeat and the flow of blood to your muscles.  Of course – breathing and heart beats and blood flow are essential to life – but you can live without blushing – so all we need to do is to reprogram your mind and teach it new methods of dealing with potentially embarrassing situations – without resorting to blushing.

And because imagery is the language of the brain – I would like you to use your wonderful, creative mind to visualize the scenes that I am about to describe.  I would like you to imagine a ruler standing two meters from the ground, with the numbers from one hundred down to zero etched and marked clearly on Stop Blushing it.  

A pointer which can slide easily, up or down, measures your subconscious rate of comfort. When you are very calm and relaxed the pointer will be way down, probably somewhere between zero and ten and when you are tense and uptight the pointer will soar up to eighty – ninety – or even almost a hundred.

In this state of deep relaxation, look at the pointer and tell me the number it points to.

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