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Hypnotic suggestions for quit smoking

Smoking provides a temporary relief along with high in the form of nicotine. You may smoke in the car, with a cup of coffee, during breaks at work or after a stressful situation. But now you have stopped smoking and you can feel a satisfaction of becoming a person you want to be.

Now you can prepare your own suggestions and keep saying, reminding it to yourself. Here are some examples for your reference:hypnotic suggestions

“You have broken the bad habit of smoking successfully."

“You will feel relaxed what may happen at work”.

"You are in control. Cigarettes have no control over you any longer.’

“You will never have a desire to smoke the entire working time."

“You have made this healthy decision and you are happy with that decision."

"You are in control of every aspects of your life”.

“You will remain a non-smoker for the rest of your life”.

“Being non-smoker cigarettes no longer have any part in your life. “

Congratulations! Yes, you deserve it.  You have made an important decision. You have decided to be a non-smoker forever. There is someone inside you who always wanted to stop smoking. That is what makes today a very special day.

You have finally chosen listening to your body. Your body always wants you not to smoke. Your body has a bitter experience when you smoke.  Smoking actually hurt your body and mind.  You are now decides something better than smoking for yourself.

You have chosen a decision to quit smoking for your own reasons. You have taken great efforts for this. This is really a big achievement for you. You have done a good job. Your new life will bring more respect, more love, more time, more money and more happiness. Now onwards your life has filled with full of confidence and energy, health and wealth.

Many of the detrimental health effects of tobacco get eliminated up to the great extent once you stop smoking.  Some of the health benefits are:

•          The risk of stroke and coronary heart disease falls to the level of a non-smoker.

•          The risks of many cancers (mouth, pancreas, throat, larynx, esophagus, lung, bladder, and cervix) decrease significantly.

Positive and healing suggestions can sink deeply into your subconscious mind faster.  

Keep on repeating calmly and quietly to yourself, "I am a non-smoker and I will be a non-smoker forever in my life." You can repeat this as many times as you can during a day and night. You can write it down on your desk or above your bed.


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