quitting smoking

I Think I Want To Stop Smoking …

This is where the rubber hits the road so to speak.  To give up smoking you must absolutely be certain within yourself, that you want to quit.

If you are unsure – then you probably won't stay the course – because your wanting to stop is not really clear and your willpower will fade become weaker with each passing day.

You know the truth within yourself, if deep down you don't want to quit smoking then long term you won't.

So – what can you do?

You have two choices, continue to smoke and stop beating yourself up or look at your health, find some data on the effects of smoking – find some compelling evidence that finally convinces you that smoking is just not for you.

Once you have a solid evidence that convinces you that you must give up.  Say out loud 'I am going to stop smoking today.'  You will feel inside whether this statement is true for you or not.

If it is true, you are on you way to quitting cigarettes.

If you feel it is untrue (and you will feel it) – then continue to search for and find some reasons that do convince you that it is time to stop.

This blog is dedicated to giving you news, articles, scientific findings, tips and observations – to help you decide once and for all to quit smoking.

Here's to the non smoker in you!

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