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Myths about smoking cigarettes – Does it improve concentration?

Effects of smoking on memoryIt is commonly known that smoking cigarettes is injurious to health. The ill-effects of the self-destructive habit are nerve-racking. Heart disease, lung cancer, oral cancer, and even impotence, can all be linked back to that flaming white roll of paper and tobacco.  And it’s not just disastrous for the puffers themselves, but even more so for those innocent by-standers who are compelled to inhale the foul-smelling smoke simply by virtue of being in a smoker’s vicinity

And yet despite all the statistics and alarming figures about the health risks of smoking cigarettes, smokers are lured into believing that their habit can actually have benefits.

Take for instance, the myth that smoking cigarettes improves concentration. This is one of the prime hindrances for people who have just taken a decision to quit smoking. They get lured back to smoking as they feel that their concentration is lapsing.

Fortunately or unfortunately for habitual smokes, there is absolutely no connection between smoking and improved concentration levels. The truth is that cigarettes are very smart conniving contraptions. They are designed in a way that makes you crave and want them even after you’ve embarked on the journey to quit smoking.

A person who may be trying to quit smoking will often be faced with testing withdrawal symptoms. Getting irritable, losing concentration, getting annoyed quickly are just a few such examples. It is at this juncture that people tend to give in to temptation and take a puff. They then instantly feel at ease and are able to concentrate again. Ergo, smokers are deluded into believing that smoking cigarettes actually improves concentration levels.

But all this is just a trick of the effect of nicotine. Nicotine actually intoxicates the mind for a short while, and makes one feel at ease, thereby making smokers believe that their concentration has improved. The cigarettes they puff may make them feel calm and ready to take on the world. The feeling, however, is only a fleeting and transient one.

Once the nicotine kicks in, and oxygen delivery to the brain is reduced, smokers automatically start to feel lethargic, lazy, irritated and angry. Thus starts the vicious cycle of smoking cigarettes-withdrawal symptoms-smoking yet again! The illusion continues making it difficult for smokers to see the reality of the make believe world of smoking benefits.

The fact of the matter is, and has been medically proven too, that smoking cigarettes actually reduces one’s concentration levels over time. Smoking cigarettes causes the carbon monoxide content in the blood to increase, thereby reducing the oxygen supply to vital organs of the body including the brain. This leads to a severe lapse in energy and concentration.

So, don’t succumb to the myths that make you feel like smoking is a habit you can never kick. It is all a mind game that has been cleverly devised by the tobacco giants of the world to make you feel like you are at the mercy of a stick of tobacco.

The truth is that you can summon all the strength of your body and mind to quit smoking and to survive the difficult post-smoking stages. Our bodies are designed far more intelligently and intricately than a cigarette-stick and we all have it in us to overcome such insidious addictions.


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