Packages and Price

What Package Is Best For Me?

If you have tried quitting before many times or smoke less than a pack a day – I would recommend the 2 hour power session. As a rule of thumb 8 out of 10 clients can quit in just 1 session.

However, I have found that those who smoke more than 1 pack a day or those who have some fears about giving up in 1 session are more suited to a gradual approach.

In this instance I prefer we have an in depth phone consultation and decide whether or not it would be better for you to quit over 3 – 6 sessions.

If you are unsure whether or not you can quit in 1 session or are a very heavy smoker then please call me and we can discuss which way of giving up is best suited to you.

The only requirement is you must absolutely 100% want to quit smoking permanently.


 If you don't – nothing I can do will work for you. There is no money back guarantee – be certain you want to give up for good when you call me. 


What types of packages do you offer?

Whether we do it in one 2 hour power session or a gradual reduction and then stopping over 3 to 6 sessions does not matter – it is just a matter of ensuring you are completely comfortable with the quitting process and committed to stopping smoking permanently.

Is Pricing Different For The Gradual Approach?

Yes it is, although you will still pay the full package amount at the first session.


Types Of Packages

$335 – 2 Hour Power Session

Stop smoking for good in just one session! This is “Power Session” for those who are ready to quit immediately. It is best if you have tried to quit many times before and/or if you smoke a pack or less a day. You will walk out the session feeling relaxed and able to be smoke free. Session includes a 10-minute free phone consultation to obtain your smoking history, specific tools to take home with you to reinforce the session and a 20-minute, no-charge follow up phone call for positive reinforcement the first week – if you need it.


$570 – 3 Week Gentle Reduction Program

Within 21 days you will be a non-smoker. This very effective program is very popular and reduces the stress of needing to quite immediately.

It consists of 1 session per week to “gradually” reduce cigarettes and disassociate smoking triggers.

This package includes a 10-minute free phone consultation, 1st session at 1 ½ hours with the following 2 weekly sessions at 1 hour. You will be given specific tools to take home with you to reinforce your sessions.


$895 – 6 Session Gradual Release Program

This is a very effective program for those who smoke 1 to 3 packs or more a day for a long period of time or for those that had a difficult time quitting in the past. You will reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke each week.

At the end of the program, you will be a non-smoker without withdrawals or weight gain. This is for long-term, habitual smokers who need a very slow cigarette reduction to relieve stress.

There is a lot of strategy within this particular program to prepare you for the final quit session.

Call me for a 10-minute free phone consultation to see if this is the right step for you.

The 1st session is at 1 ½ hours with 5 weekly sessions at 1 hour. You will be given specific tools to reinforce your sessions.


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