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Passive Smoking – One More Reason To Quit Smoking!

You may be able to justify your self-destructive habits to yourself, but will you be able to forgive yourself if you were the cause of a loved one’s ill health? Would you be able handle the guilt of knowing that not only have you played havoc with your health but have also made your family members, spouse, partner and/or children vulnerable to several life threatening diseases? Yes, that’s exactly what smoking cigarettes can put you through.

You are probably aware of the fact that passive smoking is harmful, but do you know just how much it can harm someone you love?  Well, here are some facts to enlighten you about the disastrous effects of second hand smoke-

  • Passive smokers are at a greater risk of developing coronary heart diseases than people who are not exposed to smokers. In fact according to a study conducted by researchers at St George's Medical School and the Royal Free UCL Medical School in London, UK, the risk is almost as much as 50-60%!*


  • Passive smokers are more prone to falling prey to lung cancer as well. They may not inhale smoke directly, but they do inhale carbon monoxide and all the poisonous fumes that smokers around them exhale.


  • Women passive smokers are at a huge risk of falling prey to breast cancer as well. In fact according to a report published in the International Journal Of Cancer (2005)**  premenopausal women are 68% more likely to develop cancerous growths in their breasts than non-smokers and the risk of breast cancer was reported to be higher by 27% in general among non-smoker women.


  • Passive smokers, especially children (even unborn ones) are at a risk of developing brain tumors if they are exposed to cigarette fumes.


  • You may end up playing havoc with a loved one’s health by exposing them to passive smoke if they suffer from asthma and/or bronchitis.


  • Passive smoking is especially harmful for pregnant women, as not only can it affect their health adversely but can also cause birth defects in the unborn baby.
  • People exposed to second hand smoke may also end up developing circulatory problems, blood clots, etc.


  • Headaches, nausea, sore throat, nasal irritation, wheezing, etc are also some of the side effects of passive smoking.


  • Women who inhale second hand smoke on a regular basis may find it difficult to conceive. In fact passive smoking can affect the fertility of men as well.

Sounds awful, right? Well, it truly is! No habit, not matter how stress-busting or enjoyable it appears to be, is worth it, if its not only self-destructive but also harms your family and loved ones’ health. You can of course argue that your family will come to no harm if you do not smoke cigarettes around them, but then ask yourself, will it be fair to them if you keep cutting down on whatever time you are able to spend with people you love in order to smoke cigarettes?

The first thing to do in order to save your loved ones from passive smoking is to quit smoking yourself. During the process of making your life cigarette free, you must remember never to smoke around your loved ones and ensure that your home is always smoke-free.

Often the damage caused by smoking cigarettes is irreversible; the same fact applies to passive smoking as well. So, the sooner you quit smoking the better it will be for your own and your family’s health.


Passive smoking - one more reason to quit




** Reuter Report Published on Medicine -

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