Health Perks When You Stop Smoking

Perks When Smokers Quit

The fact that smoking is a risky vice doesn’t seem to stop many people from puffing away at their cigarettes. For decades, scientists and health experts have bombarded the public with information about the risks and dangers of smoking but still smokers find it really tough to quit the addictive habit.

Cigarette smoking is dangerous. People know this. But perhaps nobody wants to quit smoking because they don’t know the benefits of stopping a bad habit like it. Too much emphasis has been placed on its negative effects and too little on the positive side if they give up smoking.


Perks for the Body

Health Perks When You Stop Smoking

When a person decides to stop smoking, he directs his body to start a healing and recovery process for major organs. Yes, all major organs of the body are affected by smoking and not just the lungs. It’s a common misconception among smokers. They believe only the respiratory organs are affected by their vice.


Individuals who decide to stop smoking can expect their complexion and skin to improve within days. Skin health relies heavily on good blood flow all around the body which helps in absorbing nutrients and vital elements like oxygen. Smoking constricts blood vessels which results in poor blood circulation.

Cigarette smoking slowly damages the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system which often results in difficulty in breathing. Smokers who quit can expect their breathing to improve within weeks. The lungs can heal and start to function normally again. Ex-smokers swear they no longer run out of breath doing simple tasks like climbing stairs or going out for a jog.


The mouth is one of the areas in the body that bears the brunt of smoking. People who quit smoking will find their breath smelling way better than before. The teeth also become noticeably whiter within a few weeks after quitting.


One of the major perks of quitting can be enjoyed by couples. Cigarette smoking causes anxiety due to the body’s addiction to nicotine. This anxiety causes stress on the reproductive organs thus resulting to a tepid sex life. Once a person decides to give up smoking, blood circulation returns to its normal flow and makes him or her more sensitive to tactile sensations from his or her partner.


Overall, a smoker who decides to stop smoking is increasing his chance of living a much longer life because of all the benefits it gives his body. Without harmful substances in the body, all the major organs of the body can function normally making the individual feel good and healthier.


Perks for the Environment


Cigarette smoking contributes to the pollution of the environment. Cigarette stubs are among the most common garbage found in bodies of water all over the world. Aside from the surroundings, smoking also hurts other people especially those who don’t smoke.

Statistics show that smoking related diseases are also on the rise even to those who don’t smoke. Health experts attribute this to second hand smoke that people inhale. They have also found out that non-smokers can also suffer the same damage smokers experience in their vital organs.


A smoker who wishes to quit smoking is not only doing the world a favor but also their loved ones and friends. It can be tough on the body to quit but it’s arguably better than seeing a relative fall prey to smoking related diseases and ailments.


How to Enjoy the Perks of Quitting Smoking


There are a variety of methods that experts recommend for smokers who wish to stop the vice. Effectiveness of these methods also varies from one individual to another. Going cold turkey refers to stopping instantaneously. Some find it the most effective way – but experts caution against withdrawal symptoms that may get aggravated if not handled properly.


Medications are available for suppression of the urge to smoke. But one method being studied is a radical approach to the problem. It involves hypnosis which is a very controversial method of therapy. Patients undergo hypnotherapy sessions until their habit of smoking is totally removed from their systems.


Whatever method is used to quit smoking, the most important part is to start as soon as possible. It’s never too late or too early to experience the perks of stopping an unhealthy habit like smoking. Regardless of age they stop, smokers who quit can expect to live much longer.


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