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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

hypnosis to give up smoking

Hypnosis is not something most people believe in immediately but the results will surprise you. Hypnosis  is becoming more and more common with the service being used by people for many different reasons. But one of the more popular reasons is to Quit Smoking.

A lot of people who want to quit try many different methods, such as nicotine replacement devices such as patches, inhalers, lozenges, etc.  Most did not realise that they could stop smoking with hypnotherapy, but it has a staggering success rate.

Not only does it help to stop smoking but it is through a gentle process that reconditions you subconscious which makes the practice less stressful than nicotine replacement devices. 

During a session of hypnosis your body relaxes, your blood pressure and heart rate is lowered and you go into a deeply relaxed or ‘hypnotic’ state, all the while you’re mentally awake and physically at ease.  The therapist may make a subtle suggestions such as you do not like the taste of cigarettes, communicating with your subconscious mind.

You’ll need anywhere from 4 to 8 sessions and your Hypnotherapist will monitor you during that period while you stop smoking cigarettes.

Studies and research show that using traditional hypnotherapy used to deal with smoking cessation has a success rate of above 66%, which is astonishing especially when compared to the 5% success rate of trying to do it on your own.

However, when hypnotherapy is combined with advanced NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques, the success rate can increase even more dramatically, with 96% quitting smoking after just one, 60 minute session.   There is usually a fairly lengthy pre session form to be filled out by the client, ensuring that each 60 minute session is specifically tailored to suit each clients own individual needs.

Be ready to pay for this service. It may not be cheap, but if you calculate the amount you’ll save when not buy cigarettes and possible medical bills, the cost is minimal over the long term. Remember when you quit cigarettes you will get your, life back, even though you don’t realise that right now what is missing as the next cigarette is all you are wanting. You will improve all areas of your life, your health, your social life and especially your pocket.  Quit smoking and plan for a holiday.

This article was prepared on behalf of the Susan Ormsby, Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Program (www.SydneyQuitCigarettes.com).    Located at Croydon, NSW, servicing Sydney’s CDB and Sydney’s Inner West region.          

Susan would only be happy to hear from you so call 1300 947 299 or email sydneyquitcigarettes@gmail.com  to discuss quitting today.

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