motivation to quit smoking

Quit Smoking: You can do it

happy to stop smoking

The positive affirmations along with self hypnosis are free of cost, doesn’t require much time and gives best results without side effects are the most necessary thing for every one of us.

Here are some suggestions for your practice:

‘Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Relax your body and relax your mind too. Completely relax. It is a very special day today. It is an important day because you able controlling your smoking habit. Though it was difficult, you achieved it with your efforts. Your efforts will continue till you achieve full control. You will never allow yourself in control of your addiction now onwards. You are feeling great.  Now you are well aware about the fact that there is always something better to do than smoking.

There are no chances that you would turn back to your addiction. Now you understand that smoking brings pain. Now whatever happens in your life, you are able to handle it without cigarettes. You are aware of the truth about smoking and know that there is always something better to do than smoke. You will always remember this. Smoking is slow poisoning. There is always something better to do than smoke. This makes you feel free.  This is because you are under self control! You are free from all the worry and stress of smoking. Smoking is simply something that you used to do. You traded that useless addiction away for something priceless, life, health, self-confidence and peace of mind.

You can handle all the situations in your life firmly now onwards. You don’t need any help of smoking to release your tension or worries. Now you care for your health and don’t want to pour poison in your body by smoking.  You are feeling better at bodily and mental level too. Emotionally you are feeling better.  

Keep on repeating calmly and quietly to yourself, "I am a non-smoker and I will be a non-smoker forever in my life." You can repeat this as many times as you can during a day and night. You can write it down on your desk or above your bed.

You can make the process less painful and set yourself up for long term success through education, knowledge and preparation. This ‘quit smoking’ efforts not only bring health and peace in your life but it also enhances your self confidence and you understand the truth thoroughly that, ‘Nothing is impossible’!

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