stop smoking with hypnosis

Quit Smoking

If you are seriously thinking of quit smoking program, hypnotherapy is the best option available for you. It is drug free, can address the underlying causes of your habit and has a high success rate when the instructions are followed as recommended. Hypnotherapy helps you in quit smoking permanently and without side effects. Self hypnosis works because in this state a person is completely receptive to suggestions.stop smoking with hypnosis

In general while describing about the conscious and subconscious parts of the brain, it gets interrelated with mind. Thus normally the term conscious and subconscious mind is used. Conscious is a part responsible for logic and reasoning. Subconscious is responsible for all involuntary actions

In self directed hypnosis you can use various hypnosis aids, like CDs, tapes etc. Smoking is hard to quit, but there is a tool to help you to succeed, what is that tool? This tool will help you to stop smoking in a very natural and easy way. Hypnotherapy or hypnosis helps you to quit smoking by managing stress and cravings.

Here are some scripts given for auto suggestion during a self hypnosis:

Relax completely…. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly…… Now imagine….

There is a cigarette in your hand. Look at the smoke. It is getting in your nose…it has a foul smell….. See that the smoke is getting into your eyes. The smoke burns your eyes. It stings your nose. It smells dirty and awful….

Now stop smoking.  Walk away…away from that dirty, awful, foul smell of smoke… feeling happy glad when you are away from that dirty smoke.

From now onwards you will free of desire for even a single puff of tobacco in any form. Whenever you think of smoking you will remember that awful and dirty smell and that bitter taste.  You never wish to have a single puff of dirty smoke now onwards.

In the battle of quit smoking, hypnosis has used by a lot of people with a great success to finally quit the bad habit. The only important point is consistency. For some people it may take a week or two, for some it may take a month.

You have probably imagined what your life will be like when you quit smoking………

You envisioned………….

•          Amount you will save on every pack of cigarettes.

•          Elimination of many of your health issues.

•          The years you will add to your life as your health risk decrease.

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