hypnotic state

Reality about Hypnosis

It is powerful tools which can be easily learned to obtain your goals. Many of us use only a fraction of energy, strength and power within us. hypnotic stateHypnosis gives us access to much more of our own power, to make us more effective in almost any area of our life.                                                 

Some reality about Hypnosis:

1] You are not asleep

2] You are in complete control

3] You can leave the hypnotic state when you want to

4] You are not unconscious

5] You can not get stuck

6] You can remember everything

7] You are totally aware of what is going on

8] There is no hypnotized feeling

9] You can not compel to do anything

Important things to remember about Hypnosis:

•          It is an opportunity for more effective thinking and learning.

As a person becomes more receptive and can reach subtle mental levels, there are chances of new ideas emerge from source unknown to us.

•          A choice, one can choose to go for it or not.

One can remain under complete control and awareness in hypnotic state. No one can compel to do or say anything against your wish in hypnosis.

•          Wonderful relaxation within very short period

      Once experienced the relaxation through hypnosis, it can be applied

      during situations which are stressful or anxious.

•          An opportunity to think in fresh new ways

Age regression and revivification find useful in the clarification, release and reintegration of repressed affect in preparation for conflict resolution and psychological liberation.

•          It is not a sleeping state

Sleep is accompanied by marked modifications in the output of awareness because it is channeled into the environment, whereas in hypnosis responsiveness to outside stimuli is preserved.

Hypnosis makes you feel very nice and relaxing, almost like taking a nap.

The big difference is in what you are guided to experience during the trance.

One thing about hypnosis is virtually certain that some parts of brain are inhibited and other parts expanded by the process. Pin point concentration is given as reason for this selective procedure which narrows the horizon of the subject to what the hypnotist is saying, screening out all other stimuli.

Though the nature and phenomena are still incompletely understood, there are number of theories which attempt to explain its mechanism and results.

The majority of authorities agree that hypnosis ensures as a result of natural laws which have been incorporated in the human organism since the beginning of the man.

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