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Side effects of quitting smoking

Both smoking and quitting smoking come with their share of side effects. Those of the latter of course are not really harmful but just uncomfortable.

Sugar cravings

The first side effect that you are likely to experience after quitting is a drop in your sugar levels. When you smoke the fumes that you inhale reduce the oxygen content in the body, as a result of which our body releases more sugar to ensure that the organs keep functioning normally. Over time the body gets used to this situation and when you stop the supply of nicotine, it takes the body a while to adjust to the change. It is for this reason that a lot of people feel a strong craving for sweets soon after they give up smoking.

Weight gain

Weight gain is also a much dreaded side effect of quitting. But what’s important to remember is that it’s only temporary. Most people gain weight either because of their increased sugar intake or because they start using food to distract themselves from their cigarette cravings.

Frustration and social awkwardness

To smokers cigarettes are their favourite de-stressing tools. In the initial days, therefore, it is not uncommon to feel frustrated. The side effect again is temporary and can be dealt with by seeking harmless ways of distraction.

Feeling out of sorts in social situations is another side effect of giving up smoking (more sharply felt by those who use cigarettes as an aid to overcome their social awkwardness).

Mood Swings

Sudden mood swings is another uncomfortable side effect of smoking. If smoking had become a part of you routine, your body and mind will find it difficult to start coping without its daily dose of poison initially. But just as you built your smoking habit over time, you will be able to develop the habit of not smoking within a reasonable period of time as well.


What is important to remember that the discomfort is short lived. It’s essentially a transition period during which your body detoxifies and learns to live without cigarettes. What’s more these negative side effects are also accompanied by positive ones like the following-

  • You will see a marked improvement in your skin tone thanks to better blood circulation.
  • Problems like bad breath and stained fingers will slowly start vanishing.
  • The frequency of your headaches will steadily decline.
  • Your sense of taste and smell will become much sharper and you’ll start enjoying food again
  • Your physical stamina will improve and you will feel more energetic. The improvement in your physical stamina will in fact also help you lose weight as you will be able to exercise more.
  • The breathing problems associated with smoking will slowly start disappearing.
  • Quitting cigarettes will help you heart recover its health as well.
  • Psychologically, you will start feeling more at peace with yourself. After all, you will no longer have to deceive yourself and fight your conscience to continue with a self-destructive habit.

Your confidence levels are also likely to improve as you’ll start looking and feeling better after you give up smoking.
Most of all you will no longer be a sitting duck for terminal diseases like cancer as well as serious complications related to the kidneys, liver, pancreas and throat. The risk will still be there but by quitting you will end up reducing your chances of attracting the dreaded diseases.

With so many positive benefits, doesn’t the discomfort associated with quitting seem trivial? After all, isn’t it a good bargain if you are getting years of excellent health in exchange for a few months of unease?

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