smoking and sight

Smoking Cigarettes Can Cause Blindness!

If you haven’t been able to convince yourself to quit smoking cigarettes, perhaps the fact that smoking may eventually snatch away your ability to see, will help you realize just how self-destructive the habit is!

The poison that cigarette smoking releases in the body reduces the level of plasma anti-oxidants. These are substances that protect the retinal cells; their depletion in turn can lead to poor blood circulation in the retinal area and consequently poor vision.

The Carbon monoxide released into a smoker’s bloodstream creates oxygen deficiency in the body.  Among other things the lack of oxygen in the body is believed to have a direct affect on a person’s night vision. The retinal toxins produced as a result of smoking cigarettes also reduce visibility.

What’s more smokers are also at a greater risk of developing macular degeneration- major cause of vision damage that can sometimes be irreversible.

Smoking cigarettes in fact has also been related to development of cataracts. The disease causes the lens of the eye to become opaque and can eventually lead to complete blindness.

Unfortunately, the harm that smoking can cause gets worse with age. This means older people who are already at a risk of developing macular degeneration are even more vulnerable to losing their vision completely if they are habitual smokers.

It is also a known fact that the longer a person smokes the more is the risk involved. So, people who take to cigarette smoking early in life, especially teenagers, are at a greater risk of losing their vision.

Is there a solution? Well, the most obvious is of course- Quit Smoking, there are no two ways about it!  Other than that you can take proactive steps to improve your diet and include the following foods in order to mitigate the damage that smoking cigarettes may have already caused-

Carrots- The vegetable is rich in vitamin A and can help in improving our vision.

Avocados- The fruit contains Vitamin A, E, C and B6 and lutien. While the vitamins help in improving over all eye health, lutien prevents macular degeneration.

Broccoli- Broccoli is a great source of lutien as well. The vegetable also contains several nutrients like vitamin C, Calcium and sulforaphane that are great for eye health and vision.

Spinach- Spinach truly is food for the eyes as it contains Vitamin A, lutien as well as zexathin.

Garlic- Garlic is like a magic food that’s good for a lot of things including eye health. In fact including garlic in your diet will also help you detox.

Tomatoes- Tomatoes contain vital eye health nutrients like vitamin C and lycopene.

Water- Drinking adequate quantities water (generally eight glasses a day or more if you feel the need) is good for keeping yourself hydrated and flushing out toxins from your body.

Wheat Sprouts- Wheat sprouts are good for your eye health as they not only help in detoxification but also give a boost to the antioxidant enzymes.

Orange Juice- It’s rich in nutrients and helps in flushing out toxins from the body thus improving one’s overall health.

Fish- Salamon, cods, sardines and mackarels are great for improving your eyesight as well.

Of course improving your diet would only help only if you quit smoking. Making dietary changes can help you reduce the damage or prevent the condition of your eyes from worsening, but unless you quit, blindness will always be like the proverbial sword dangling over your head.



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