costs of smoking

The Cost Of Smoking

I would like to address just how much it costs you to keep smoking, and here I am talking about the monetary cost of smoking and that cost on your future income.

Recently, I was at an internet conference and met up with a few friends after the end of a long day.  Amongst this group were a couple of people who were new to me, they asked what I did and I told them my catch phrase, that I am a 'Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist and I back it up with a Lifetime Guarantee'.  Both of them immediately has some comments to make.

You see one was an accountant and said that I needed a graphic of money going up in smoke – since this is literally what a smoker is doing, burning money.

The other was a multi millionaire who has made his money and is now starting a business where he is following his passion of helping people live the lives they want to live – a very high end coaching program.

His concern was also for the monetary future of the smoker, as he pointed out that if that person saved the money he or she spent on cigarettes and then invested that money into even the most simple of savings schemes and added to it incrementally (i.e. the money they would normally spend on cigarettes, bank that money) – then over a 20 year period, with the benefits of compound interest, that person would have a substantial amount of money for his future.

The results can be quite astounding.

He also sent me an excel spreadsheet, so I could see the comparisons and let others have the spreadsheet so that they could work out for themselves – how much their smoking habit was costing them long term.

This is a hugely interesting exercise for you to do.  If you want a copy of the spreadsheet, you can download it from my website.

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