Stop Smoking For Your Health

The Dangers of a Cigarette: What You Risk When You Smoke

Cigarette smoking is a very dangerous and risky habit. Every year, thousands of lives are ended prematurely due to diseases and health issues that are caused by smoking. And despite the high number of these incidents, the number of smokers all over the world doesn’t seem to dwindle down.

Stop Smoking For Your Health

This can only mean one thing: smokers don’t really understand the risks they take with each puff of cigarette. And so what does it really take to make them give up smoking? Maybe we need to take another approach and paint a much clearer picture of what these people risk and what they submit their bodies to instead of plainly telling them they could die.


Smoking is a very addictive habit that is really hard to break. Tell a person to stop smoking and they’ll tell you they might as well stop breathing. Its how attached one can get with nicotine addiction. It may seem tamer than being hooked to drugs but the devastation it creates is very similar.


Simply telling a smoker that he could die is like telling a child to stop growing up. For many of them, death is inevitable anyway; and so why not enjoy a few puffs? It’s this kind of mentality that makes it tough to make people quit smoking.


To make people quit cigarettes, it is important to let them understand how damage is being done to their bodies. Symptoms of lung or other types of cancer caused by smoking don’t come out after the first stick. It’s a gradual process that takes years and in some cases signs don’t appear until it’s too late when death is certain.


The Slow Process of Body Damage


Cigarettes contain nicotine which is a very addictive substance. Inhaling smoke, dust, and other impurities in the air are quite common and the human body is designed to protect us from harm caused by these elements up to a certain degree.


Cigarette smoking is not inherently dangerous for the first few times a person is exposed to it. The lungs are built to filter the air that gets inside the body and normally it will try to expel the harmful smoke. But the problem with cigarettes is they contain nicotine.


Nicotine is addictive and once it gets inside the body, people start to crave for it. This craving is only satiated with more puffs of cigarette thus overwhelming the body’s natural defenses from foreign substances. The human brain is programmed for adaptation to enable an individual to survive like telling the body to shiver when it’s cold. The same happens in smoking and the brain tells the lungs to take the smoke as if it’s clean air.


It’s why first time cigarette users cough out the smoke but as they take in more their bodies adjust until it is like breathing normally. The cooling effect of menthol is felt and smokers instantly get hooked to the feeling. They don’t realize that they’ve just began the slow process of damaging their lungs and body.

Other Health Issues


The lungs are the most affected part in a smoker’s body but apparently they are not the only ones being damaged by the slow burn. Everything that happens in the body has to start somewhere and in the case of smoking, the mouth is the first stop.


Before the smoke enters the blood stream through the lungs, it has to be inhaled through the mouth and exhaled back out through the nose and the same oral orifice. As a result, areas inside the mouth like the teeth, gums, tongue, and inner walls of the cheek are prone to plaque build-up which results to a variety of oral problems like gingivitis, bad breath, and tooth decay.


Scientists have also proven that cigarette smoking also affects all the major organs of the body as oxygen from the lungs are passed through the blood and it carries whatever substance is not filtered out of the body. It’s why many smokers suffer diseases not related to the lungs like heart attacks, liver cancer, and organ failures because of the damage it brings about.


Cigarette smoking is a matter of choice. This is true. It’s a choice between living life to its fullest extent or suffering because menthol feels so good in the lungs. It’s choosing between to give up smoking or giving up the chance to live a full life a everyone is entitled to. If you’re a smoker, it’s time to take your pick.

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