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The side effects of cigarette smoking

“I need to smoke to handle my stressful job.”

“I am not strong enough to quit”.

“I have cut down to a safe level already.”

“I eat healthy and exercise regularly, so smoking won’t do much harm.”

 “I will quit when I feel I am getting addicted.”

“Smoking helps me work more efficiently.”

Excuses…excuses and more excuses!  That’s the biggest problem with smokers. Almost everyone who smokes is aware of the side effects. But instead of accepting or acknowledging them, most habitual smokers choose to block out the uncomfortable facts, to avoid quitting cigarettes.

Statistics, case studies, articles and reports, there is no shortage of material detailing the horrific side effects of smoking. However, people who smoke often feel that they can somehow protect themselves from these repercussions.  The most common justification is, not everyone who smokes gets cancer, right? Perhaps, not, but what smokers seem to forget is that everyone who inhales the poison does get affected in one way or the other!

So, here’s a list of common facts that cigarette fans choose to ignore-

  • Nicotine is more poisonous that strychnine, rattlesnake venom, arsenic, and cyanide. Add to that the 200 known poisons that cigarettes contain and you have got a deadly concoction ready!


  • The lack of oxygen because of direct exposure to poisonous fumes impairs the functioning of the mind.


  • Regular smoking also leads to hardening of the arteries and thus increased risk of heart attacks.


  • The poisonous fumes have the power to completely destroy the lung tissues, reduce physical stamina as well as immunity.


  • Smoking also affects the fertility of both men and women. The more you smoke the more you reduce your chances of conceiving.


  • Ageing faster is another side effect of smoking. Regular smokers have pale, grey complexions and get wrinkles earlier than their non-smoking counterparts. Cigarette smoking also destroys joint tissues thus causing problems like arthritis and grout.


  • Weakened sense of taste and smell is also an ignored but serious side effect of regular smoking.


  • A lot of people smoke because they feel a cigarette refreshes their tired mind. What happens in fact is just the opposite. Smoking replaces the oxygen in your body with poisonous carbon monoxide, so what you get in the trade off, is a few minutes of light headedness in exchange of long term low energy levels.


  • Cigarette Smoking affects ones oral health adversely, causing embarrassing problems like stained teeth and bad breath


  • People especially men who light up to boost their confidence levels should remember that the cigarette in their hand could actually lead to erectile dysfunction or worse still, impotence.


  • Weight loss is one supposed factor that gets many young women hooked to cigarette smoking. The fact, however, is that smoking only offers a short term solution. According to a study by researchers at the Department of Preventative Medicine at the University Of Navarra (UNAV) (Published in Revista Española de Cardiología) it is smokers and ex-smokers who end up gaining more weight than non-smokers in the long run.


  • People who smoke to reduce their stress levels also often conveniently forget that in the long run, smoking will only add to their stress by bringing in problems like insomnia and increased anxiety into their lives.


  • Regular smoking also destroys vital organs like pancreas, liver and kidneys.

So, if you examine these side effects, you will realize that smoking actually harms every part of your body and mind. You may escape from one repercussion or maybe two, but what about the others?

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