Various Hypnosis Techniques

A simple technique for self hypnosis includes sitting down with quiet music with closed eyes and focusing on breathing deeply. Another technique is to buy or create a hypnosis recording to listen to that uses affirmations and soft, low vocal tones over soothing ambient music or sounds. The Best Me technique is a suggestion enhanced experience that involves the whole person. It can be applied using visualization exercises that are not just physical but emotional and spiritual, as well. A person must first find a quiet time and place to perform the technique, shutting out all noises and distractions for a predetermined amount of time. Next, a comfortable place should be found where one can easily sit or recline for a prolonged period without much movement.

Visualizing oneself in a happy place where sleep would come easily is the next step. The whole body begins to feel warmth and relaxation, while imagining the sensations that would naturally occur in the happy place, such as cool breezes or chirping sounds. The goal is to sink into a blissful state with limited thoughts to cloud the mind except the thing that needs to change or grow. For example, if a person is hoping to lose weight, he would imagine himself in a thinner body, eating healthier food and owning smaller clothing while he was in his happy place.

Simple relaxation techniques, such as positive self-talk and deep breathing, help to diffuse anger. Slowly repeating calm word or by breathing deeply repeatedly calms the nerves and lowers feelings of anger. Physical activity such as regular exercise helps improve a person’s mood and releases stress and anger. Laughing at oneself releases feelings of aggression and helps lighten the mood in a stressful situation.

how hypnosis can help meTaking short breaks or quiet times during the day helps to avoid stress, which often gives rise to anger. Learning to express one’s thoughts calmly without becoming hostile, defensive or enraged helps fend off feelings of anger.

Being a good listener helps improve communication, making it easy to handle potentially aggressive emotions. When faced with a situation that can potentially arouse feelings of anger, focus on finding a solution, instead of getting angry.

Suppressed anger, if not treated, can lead to depression and anxiety. Chronic anger is linked to health issues such as headaches, heart problems, digestive problems and high blood pressure.

People with anger issues should seek professional help from a mental health expert who can help them learn how to control their anger and acquire anger management techniques. They should also seek support from their friends and relatives.

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