how to give up smoking

What does it take for you to give up smoking?

give up smoking with hypnosis

Break The Habit   Today

I have been asked this question time and time again by – interestingly – people who don't smoke.


Because they really do not understand the game that is in play here.  If it were simply a matter of deciding never to smoke again and then following through (as they imagine) – then surely with today's scientific and medical evidence with regard to the damage smoking causes to your body – then everyone who wanted to give up – would find it easy.

But they don't – smoking is an ingrained habit – and if it is supported by your unconscious mind – which makes it hellishly difficult to overcome.  Even serious amounts of conscious bribes, and threats by the smokers to themselves in their self talk or by their family members wanting them to give up – often has no effect.

Is hypnosis the only way to overcome this habit – absolutely not – but used in conjunction with other strategies – it is often the quickest way to achieve a result.

And on that basis alone is well worth considering.

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