what can hypnosis do?

What Hypnosis is

what can hypnosis do?Hypnosis refers to a state or condition in which the subject becomes highly responsive to suggestions. There are myths shown on TV and movies that the person is unconscious, unaware of what is going on, cannot hear anything and in someone else’s control and this is totally untrue. Actually whenever we are in a daydream state and are making no conscious effort to think of anything, is hypnosis.

The application of hypnotism for the following are those which occur most frequently and are considered in the framework of professional or lay-hypnotist. Hypnosis is to attain:

  • To attain: Relaxation, Self confidence, Self control, energy, will power, speaking and conversational abilities, relief from all kinds of pain.
  • To conquer: Habits of smoking, alcoholism, drugs, blushing, nail biting, snoring, over eating.
  • To remove: Inferiority complex, Stage frights, examination frights, stammering and stuttering.
  • To Overpower:  Sleeplessness, blood pressure, colds and allergies, tensions, emotions, depressions, anxiety, shyness, fear, phobias, psychosomatic problems.
  • To Improve: Eye sight, memory recall, concentration, education, business relation, career.
  • To Reconstruct: Personality, character, ambitions, tact, poise and courage, good humor, love and warmth, influence, leadership.
  • To get: Slim, lose weight and stay slim forever.
  • To achieve: Many higher purposes such as, Meditation, ESP, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Precognition, age regression, personality changes, automatic writing.
  • To train individuals in self hypnosis: In general it is said that is produced through the application of hypnotism may be elicited in a comparable stage of self hypnosis by any interested individual.

In past only two areas of hypnosis were recognized, namely in the healing art and in the entertainment. Now days its practical values in medical and allied arts have come to the forefront.

Today it has become an effective medical instrument. Many Physicians, Surgeons, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists are using hypnosis in their work all over the world.

There are however, applications in the other fields that are not familiar to most people such as its application in Advertising and Selling, Business Management, Personality Development, Education, Sports, Criminal Investigation and Law Enforcement. When hypnotism is employed in such areas, it is applied more as an educational modality, than a medical tool and is not considered to be governed by the restrictions of medical practice. These are called non medical applications.

Since in addition, to Medical, Dental, Psychological and Psychiatric use of hypnotism in the hands of professional therapists, the non medical applications of hypnotism by lay hypnotist (non medical) have received considerable attention and attained a certain amount of recognition.

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