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Where to find support for quitting smoking?

Quitting an addictive habit is easier said than done! Not only does one require tremendous will power and focus but also a support system to fall back on during those moments of weakness. So, if you have decided to quit smoking and are looking for support structures, here are a few tips that you may find useful-

Support Therapies
These can include counseling sessions and support therapies like NLP and Hypnotherapy, etc.  The idea is to deal with the deep rooted psychological issues that push you towards smoking cigarettes.  For example, if the reason why you smoke is because you feel insecure and anxious in social situations, then in order to stop smoking cigarettes, you will have to deal with your confidence issues.

Network of Like Minded people
 Online groups or offline stop smoking support groups, you can choose the option you are comfortable with. The point is to have a support group of people who are either going through or have already faced and overcome the challenges you are facing.

Having access to those who are either sailing in the same boat or have already reached the shore can be extremely inspiring and motivating when you feel like giving up.  The best part is that by becoming a member of support group you are likely find friends who will understand your post quitting challenges better than anyone else.

Finally, being a part of a support group will also make you feel more responsible, as not only will you be answerable to yourself but also to the people who are supporting you along the way.

Family and Friends
You do not have to have a huge network of people to support and encourage you! All that you need is one or two friends/family members who can gently or firmly (as the situation demands) bring you back on track whenever they think you are straying. What’s important is that you should share a strong bond with this person, because you are bound to get irritated at them when you are in one of those cranky post- quitting- cigarettes-moods. Needless to say your supportive friend(s) or family member(s) must be resilient as well. In fact it would be a good idea if you discussed the terms of support in the beginning, so that everyone involved knows what they are getting in for.

Inspiring books and literature
Sometimes just reading something inspirational can do wonders for your motivation levels. So, when the cigarette cravings hit very hard going online for some good inspirational reading or picking up a good book on the same lines, will not only help in distracting you but will also bring up your motivation levels right back up!

Yoga and Meditation
Both Yoga and meditation can help you deal with the stress levels associated with quitting smoking. While Yoga is also great for managing the post quitting weight gain, meditation is an excellent stress busting exercises. With time these two exercises will also help you deal with your cigarette cravings better.

Support Group at work
Getting to know people who have quit and are trying to quit smoking at your work place is also a good idea, especially if you used to hang out only with smokers till you hadn’t quit smoking. The work place is where most people relapse, so befriending those who are as serious about living a smoke free life as you are, will help you stay right on track!

Finding a great support system is a vital part of any quit smoking program. After all, we are all bound to slip up occasionally and it is during these times that your support system will help you stay out of the relapse trap.

meditation and yoga as a support to quit smoking

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