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Why is quitting smoking – cold turkey – so hard?

This is just a quick post in answer to a question that I get asked time and time again. 

You have heard me say this again and again.  Over the years you have develped a very ingrained habit. 

Also, depending on why you started smoking – initially – smoking made you feel good, made you feel you belong, made you feel brave, out of the ordinary, feel cool – whatever the reason was

for you – this habit is now ingrained and furthermore – it is justified by you sub conscious as being important to you , because of the above reasons or whatever your personal reasons were.

So today – you want to stop smoking – well, good luck with that!  Willpower alone is often not enough to break the habit – why?  Because you subconscious does not want you to stop! 

It associates smoking with good feelings not bad health, not being smelly, not costing you a fortune and so on.

This is why hypnosis combined with NLP is so effective – it allows me to speak with your subconscious mind and change it associations around smoking.  Hynotherapy can help the subconscious recognise that smoking is unsafe for your health, unsafe for your bank account and making you less than desirable to be around! 

NLP can then step in and allow you to experience good feelings whenever you say no to a cigarette. 

Surely, you can see that this has to make becoming a non smoker a much easier process.

Sorry if I am repeating myself – but if you are not aware of these facts – then you may continue to struggle and you just don't need too!!





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