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Why Smoking is so Good – Reasons Smokers Use to Continue the Habit

Cigarette smoking is really dangerous. Everybody knows the facts. If you smoke you lessen your chance of living your life to the fullest. It’s being taught in schools and the government has spent millions in campaigning against it. But why can’t people stop doing it?

Why People Keep Smoking

Cigarette lovers find it really hard to stop smoking. There are many valid reasons for stopping this vice but rarely is there any list out there of why smoking is so good and why smokers love doing it. Hopefully what you see here will help in understanding why:

  1. Smoking gives a high that is chemically induced by the substance called nicotine. It’s part of the alkaloid family of compounds that are usually made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sometimes oxygen. These compounds are also referred to as stimulants which makes coffee a part of the group. This may explain why smokers love to drink a cup as they puff away their cigarettes.


  1. Human nature is partly to be blamed why many smokers can’t quit smoking. Curiosity often gets the better of our judgment and the intrigue that surrounds the idea of smoking often attracts more people to do it. Everyone’s been through the same dilemma during childhood when parents tell us not to touch the candle flame and yet we end up crying as we never felt such pain in our life before. That same curiosity makes people try smoking and they end up with a lifelong habit that is very dangerous to their health.


  1. Nicotine is addictive. The fact that it can stimulate the body like coffee is a major deciding factor why people keep on smoking. Modern day work habits require individuals to stay awake longer than they should and ingesting substances that can “boost” productivity is second nature to working people.


  1. Blame Hollywood. Cigarette smoking has never been more glorified than in the movies and television shows. It’s very rare to find action heroes in films that don’t smoke or drink. And for millions of people who watch them around the world, it’s a really “cool thing” to do. Imagine puffing a cigarette and beating up bad guys. It doesn’t get any cooler than that.


  1.  Smoking is considered by many as a form of stress reliever. Life can often be stressful and a puff of cigarette can surely help you calm down and make you feel good.


Understanding why people use cigarettes is crucial in making them quit smoking. Scientists and experts have proven the adverse effects of cigarette smoking to the body but they are still baffled why people keep on doing it.

There are many smokers that wish to stop but find it hard to do. It’s understandable when fighting addiction. The body has been acclimatized to its new environment and will continue adapting to it as long as necessary. Once it senses changes it will try to compensate even to the point of pain to the individual. Experts call these withdrawal symptoms.

Is there any chance for smokers who wish to stop but can’t because of fears of complications? A new method is being studied and is gaining fast acceptance to the medical community. It is unconventional but it’s considered safer than trying to stop using medications.

Hypnotherapy or therapy using hypnosis is definitely something to try for people who have trouble trying to stop smoking. Experts on the subject believe that habits are the result of the subconscious actions of the brain that makes it so hard to break.

Diving deep into the smoker’s subconscious it is possible to dissuade him or her from repeating the action by leaving instructions while he or she is in a state of unawareness. This process takes time but results of tests show a remarkable success rate.

why smokers find it so difficult to give up

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