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Why Stop Smoking?

Why Stop Smoking….Now!

Why Stop Smoking? A majority of smokers know what they are doing is self destructive and want to quit but just don’t get around to it. The following are top 10 reasons for you to quit smoking now!

  1. Because you love your life: Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals (many of which are carcinogenic) and when you take a puff you are inhaling over five hundred harmful gases and over thirty thousand chemicals. The short-term illnesses that are associated with smoking are emphysema, asthma, smoker’s cough and shortness of breath. Lung cancer, mouth cancer, dementia, heart attacks and vision impairment are also common in long term smokers.
  2. Passive smoking: Thousands of people get health problems because they are constantly amidst friends or family members who are smokers. They are paying with their life for someone else’s addiction. Studies have shown that a lit cigarette gives off more harmful chemicals and gases than those inhaled by the smoker!  Inhaling this second hand smoke causes cancer (breast cancer, brain tumors, lung cancer and even skin cancer), ear, nose and throat infections, emphysema and many more fatal and painful diseases.
  3. Because people around you care: Your friends and family love you and care about you and nothing would make them happier than for you to quit smoking. A smoker’s spouse, parents and children are known to have anxiety about the habit and worry constantly about the smoker’s health. Why stop smoking? Because you care about people who worry about you!
  4. Feel Better: As soon as you cut down your smoking you will start feeling healthier and energetic. Smoking curbs your appetite and may make you pseudo thin, not fit.
  5. Behave better: The nicotine in cigarettes gives smokers a fake sense of calm and over time makes the user dependent on this feeling. Smokers feel depressed, anxious and irritable when they are not smoking and this plays out on their social bonds and relationships. Why stop smoking? Because when you quit, you will be able to behave better with people around you.
  6. Look better: Smoking causes premature ageing. Smokers often have a grey pallor to their skin, bags under their eyes, red eyes, darkened lips and stained teeth. Their skin may also be dryer than others’ and they may have a patchy face complexion.  You will notice a change in your appearance within a couple of days of quitting and you will definitely like what you see in the mirror.
  7. Save the earth: Smoke from cigarettes is very harmful for the environment and contributes to air and water pollution. Most cigarettes contain filters and these filters are non-biodegradable. They take years to decompose and during those years they pollute the soil and water bodies they are washed into. Cigarette filters have been found in the stomach of many aquatic species and land animals and cause diseases and death in the creatures.
  8. Reproductive problems: Smoking causes erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men and poses as a problem to conceive and have a normal pregnancy in women. Babies of women who smoke are at a higher risk of health problems and infant death syndrome.
  9. Save time and money: Every smoker knows that the habit is an expensive one. If you factor in the time you spend smoking them, the time and money you spend to go buy them, the fuel or gas you use for your cigarette runs and the money you will have to spend for your smoking related health problems you will realize what a waste it all is!


Why stop smoking? The above reasons should have given you the answer. So quit smoking now for a healthier, more energetic and smarter you!

Reasons to stop smoking


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