why you like smoking

Why You Love smoking?

I like to smoke - I think

If you meet smoker and ask them, why you love smoking?  You will get several answers. Many of those answers are funny or vague. Most of the smokers are not themselves aware about why they smoke? If you want to quit smoking, you must read these answers and try to find out which resembles to your answer.

Here are the reasons or excuses given by smokers:

  • Smoking gives me happiness: This is not the truth but a conditioning effect of advertising and marketing campaigns of tobacco manufacturers. You need to understand this and try to find out other good things that also makes you happy.
  • I feel that cigarette is my friend: Many people feel like that. In reality smoking is as good as slow poisoning. It affects your health in a very adverse manner.
  • I like the smell of cigarette: You can very well have it but at what cost? You can have several other smells that are far better than the smell of smoke.
  • It gives me relief from stress: This is an illusion. Just going away for few minutes from tedious job also gives you relief. On the other hand if you do something else of your choice that also gives you a great relief. It can be anything from dancing, singing, talking with your friends or beloved, 
  • I like it because my friends like it: Many teenagers start smoking as a fun because of their friends and then get addicted to it.
  • I want to quit but I afraid of nicotine withdrawal symptoms: Many people give this excuse. They are not confident about handling the triggers to smoke and hence they think that they never quit it.


From all above answers you can say that smoking is a mental addiction and hence you need to work on your mind instead of your smoking habit. Smoking habit is a physical form of your mental addiction. Thus you need to handle this situation with mind tools. If you don’t pay attention to the roots of this addiction i.e. your mind, you may succeed in quitting cigarette for some period but not forever.


If you are really serious about your own health and the health of your near and dear ones, you can very well take decision of quitting smoking. Here comes the role of NLP and hypnosis tools to support and help you in quitting this dangerous habit.


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